04 November 2010

Look...New Website for The Little Dun Pony


The Little Dun Pony has a new self hosting website and you can view it here: http://www.thelittledunpony.com.au/

It is still a work in progress, but I'll be back to writing real soon. In the mean time you can still drop by here to read back issues of my writing.


Julie aka the little dun pony

29 October 2010

My Guest Post

Photo credit - shho

I was asked by Our Little Books to write a guest post on their blog, I am humbled and I am honored.

The networking and creativity of blogging is truly alive and if you have been thinking about setting up a blog then here is a bit of encouragement for you. Click this link to be taken to my guest post.

26 October 2010

3 cheers for Entrecard !!

Picture credit - entrecard

Entrecard rules...ok

So, there I was sitting at my faithful computer...madly dropping entrecards on all the sites that had dropped on me...it can take me up to an hour some days and dragging myself from my slumber to do so is fraught with danger until that cup of coffee is in hand.
I had noticed a lot of blog posts about entrecard and thought to myself that there was a lot of people that liked EC (entrecard) and so I must be on a good thing.

I then spied a blog post that mention a 5000 credit of EC  (click on link to go to competition site) and thought to myself as I sipped my hot char...how'd I miss that one. So faster than superman I leaped over to my blog and let my fingers do the talking.

I am in love with EC...not only does it direct more traffic to my blog...after all who doesn't want more traffic? But it has allowed friendship develop between a few EC droppers. I love the fact that people we the human race...the one and only under the sun...can travel into each others worlds for a EC stop over.

I am blown away by technology and still marvel over how the humble telephone works. Congrats to you EC and your efforts have been noted. 5 stars and the moon to boot on a job well done.

Ok, back to EC dropping...oh and a new cup of coffee, the other one is cold now.